Revolutionize Your Lead Management: Unleash the Power of Automation with the Most Powerful Web-Based Software

LeadCognito was designed with the user in mind. We have simplified the lead process so you can collect, store, enhance, validate and distribute your data & leads seamlessly without any technical experience needed.

LeadCognito Features:

Custom Subdomains

Dedicated Cloud Virtual Machine


Optimized Lead Collection Forms

Lead Filtering

Real Time Lead Distribution

Lead Segmentation and Suppression

Elimination of Duplicate Entries

Detailed Analytics

Graphical Dashboard

Lead Tracking


Imports and Exports

Capture Leads via Webforms, Pingtrees or Server Post

Simple API Creation

Lead Categorization


Create Unlimited FTP’s

Inbound Real-Time, Aged or Legacy Lead collection

Accepting and routing your leads to multiple destinations, while validating email, phone, addresses and more in real-time can be very complex. LeadCognito is simple lead distribution software that will streamline this process for you with a simple interface.

  • Create Inbound API to send to inbound clients to collect data
  • Add various filters and before collection data while setting up Inbound API
  • Dupe lead check and set criteria on date range
  • Accept data and store in inventory for future use
  • Lead segregation on the basis of conditions
  • Capture leads in real time
  • Lead Categorization
  • Set Limits and Caps
  • Unlimited FTP account setup for client
  • Instant reporting system. Robust reporting system to view data in different formats.

Outbound Lead Distribution

LeadCognito brings your business and all its data together in one intuitive platform. With LeadCognito, it's easy to see the information you care about in one place and use it to make faster, better‑informed decisions.

  • Real time or aged lead distribution
  • Unlimited lead distribution
  • Outbound API setup with number of filters to set.
  • Instant detail reporting
  • Robust reporting system
  • Unlimited FTP account setup for client

Lead Cleaning and Validation

Validating the information submitted by your leads is crucial to any business serious about growth. Leadcognio’s robust lead validation is just what you need.

  • Validation of email addressed
  • Validation of phone numbers
  • Scrub your lead list against your own database or suppression lists
  • Determine phone number details such as type (mobile/landline), status (Active/Inactive), Carrier etc.
  • Reject duplicate
  • Dedupe leads against specified lists by date range

LC development team is always ready to customize to your needs!

Plans and Pricing

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